About me My experience in Software Engineering

After a start in a web agency, I've worked for a french publishing startup where I had to deal with millions of pageviews per month. I'm now working for a web shop, working on web application.

I love having to deal with a lot of data and to make code and architecture as efficient as possible. I have more than 10 years of experience in backend developent and also some knowledge about front end and it's optimization.

Currently I'm mainly interested to keep my knowledge up to date, and also to learn new things like devops skills or data science.

My skills in Software engineering

  • Development

    Python, Django, Apache, Nginx, Redis, etc.

  • Testing

    Unit Test, Continuous Integration, Functional tests

  • DevOps

    Linux, Ansible, Docker

  • Data Science

    Pandas, Jupyter, ...

Feedback about my work Recommandations

Fabien is an excellent developer, who is able to step back from the code to get the big picture and has the talent to explain complicated things to mere-mortals, making of him a useful element in mixed teams.

Timothée Peignier
Timothée Peignier Worked together at Paperblog

Fabien is a person very dedicated and strongly focused on his work. During his training period at Coelis he showed both excellent theoretical knowledge and practical skills on a R&D training project about infering and optimizing XPath expressions from a selection of nodes in a DOM document.

Peter Andre
Yann Gouverneur Mentor during internship at Coelis